When will it happen?

“When will you make a new heaven? So that peace may rise in flight …”
¿Cuándo harás un nuevo cielo? Para que la paz levante en vuelo…”

When will it happen?

Dress: :::WILD:::Fashion – Spiky Dress (With HUD Textures) at SWANK EVENT (Nov. Round)

Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Kris – Light blondes

Makeup: BoM MK Paintings by Alge’s Designs

Earrings: Romazin – Earrings -Samantha-

Walk Like an Egiptian…

Let the wind carry away what it has to carry, so that the good that has to come may reach your soul.”
“Deja que el viento se lleve lo que tenga que llevarse, para que a tu alma llegue lo bueno que tenga que llegar.”

Walk like an egiptian...

Outfit: VIRTUAL DIVA – Nilo Queen

Makeup: Alge´s Design – MK Paintings