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Dress: Belle Mode LANA long Dress I at Said NO for RAINN

The I Said NO Event SL to Benefit RAINN will run July 17, 2021 – August 15, 2021.
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Wrap: .:EMO-tions:. * DAKOTA * head-wrap

Scarf: E.V.E Morpheus Scarf Burnt Chp. 3

Earring: RAWR! Octapus Earrings

Bracelets: [Z O O M] Celine Bracelet

Lipstick: <<CRACK>> KISS ME Lipstick

knowing Kaiden

32235372_2080576695512255_8117706850520006656_nThe first time I heard about Kaiden, it was because of a message that he left me in a «Blue Heart Event» post, telling me: «It’s good that you do this, I’m autistic.»

Immediately I left a message to him, to know him and to request support to him in the campaign of the event to which immediately it agreed.


A first photo was born wearing Blue … but seeing all that Kaiden does in SL, the spontaneous beauty of his photos, his impeccable ability to build and recreate extraordinarily beautiful sites made me feel the need to know more about him and share it, Learn more about how he copes with his situation with autism and how Second Life helps in Kaiden’s life.


It’s impossible to talk about Kaiden and not to mention Kai … the first time I saw her with him, she was very rude to me. Later I understood that Kai, is like an angel in life SL and RL de Kai, is her friend, takes care of him, defends him … and constantly learns from each other.




DO HOW MUCH YOU ENTER SECOND LIFE … HOW DID YOU FIND OUT OF THIS CYBERWORLD AND THAT I CALL YOU THE ATTENTION? I come on Secondlife everyday to see my friends. A friend introduced me to the game. I did not do much to begin with, but when i heard you could build and create i explored and found out new things in Secondlife

WHAT LEAD YOU TO CREATE A SIM IN SECOND LIFE? As i explored other sims, i was intrigued to combine all that i saw plus what i see in real life onto my sim…i love decorating and lanscaping.



WHAT DO YOU LIKE THE MOST OF YOUR SIM?The atmosphere, that we have open mic nights, i get to meet many people of al races.

WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ON YOUR SIM?well most like to take pictures or jus hang out, we do get singers and performers as we have open mic nights.


WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPERIENCE IN SECOND LIFE? I’m unsure as i love to explore and experience new things, maybe meeting someone i’d maybe want to take to reallife…maybe i don’t really know.

DO YOU THINK THAT SECOND LIFE IS AN ASSISTANCE FOR YOUR LIFE? It distracts me from over thinking on things in my real life. plus i get to do things i can’t do in reallife as much.


31499465_2074717889431469_2684153246292901888_nWHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT AUTISM? Firstly…..Autism is not a dieseas, many should rethink that those who have it just think differently and cope with daily activities in a different manner. We are all the same.

IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A MICROFONDO IN WHICH EVERYBODY WILL LISTEN TO YOU … WHAT WOULD YOU ASK THE WORLD? I’d like to say that no matter who we are or where we come from…we are all the same.



HOW LONG HAS KAIDEN AND YOU KNOWN ONE ANOTHER AND WHAT KEEPS YOU TOGETHER? I’ve known kaiden Few months so far, but it feels like alife time as we clicked so well. we like the same things, we love exploring and budiling and exchanging ideas. most importantly we got each other’s back.

WHAT FORM YOU HELP KAIDEN AND WHAT FORM DOES KAIDEN HELP YOU? We help one another out by listeing to ones problems, i listen to him when he is having an off day, he listens to me. we help one another out.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW PEOPLE TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION WITH PEOPLE WITH AUTISM? No one should think Autism is a disease, its a mental disorder that only makes those who have it cope with life differently. however i believe with or witout autism we are all the same.


SECOND LIFE HELPS A PERSON WITH AUTISM? HOW? i guess it does, it can distract one from the problems they face in real life, they can meet people who also have autism. They can enjoy and learn how others have coped with it.

A MESSAGE FROM KAI, FOR THE SECOND LIFE COMMUNICATION: I’d like to say you are doing an awesome job making others aware of autism, lets hope we open other peoples minds to thinking it is nothing to be ashamed off.


I thank my Partner LucianoRoma Alter for the video and the photos made in the sim, as well as his constant support in all my projects. I also thank Kaiden for the photos he sent me, and Kai for the photos I «borrowed» from his wall.

PEAKY BLINDERS LANDMARK  Visit and discover the fascinating world created by Kaiden

BLUE HEART EVENT LANDMARK  Do not forget to attend BLUE HEART EVENT, an event that supports the cause of Autism. May 17 – 22. We wait for you.

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